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Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEGA Classics collection (2006)

Genre: Various  |  Players: One  / Two  |  Developer: D3 Publisher

A collection of retro SEGA 'Classics' released on the PS2 back in 2006. Normally in such a collection you get one or two gems accompanied by some crap that wouldn't shift any units on its on. On first glance that appears to be the case, but, unfortunately, the games you know to be good are the Sega Ages versions, not the originals and that makes all the difference. Games on offer:

Golden Axe is fully deserving of the 'Classic' title. Often whilst skipping school I'd play Golden Axe at the local arcade, so I can say with a level of experience that while the travesty on the disc bears some resemblance to the game I know, it's most definitely NOT that game. The names remain but the visuals and character animations are changed and appear to have been coloured by a Marvel inbetweener’s six-year-old daughter. There's also re-recorded music, new level design and new enemies. The Mega Drive/Genesis version is superior.
Space Harrier is similarly garish. It’s got a new skin but retains the same old controls. It’s not aged particularly well, but it rubbed my nostalgia nipple briefly.
Outrun is OutRun, plain and simple.
Virtua Racer is an F1 racer. I managed to not explode and not finish last.
Columns is exactly how I remembered it: a Tetris clone that sucked ass. I'm not sure what they changed. It’s still a Tetris clone and still sucks ass.
Monaco GP is a top-down racer that might be fun if you like that sort of thing.
Fantasy Zone. Ah, F Zone, how I loved thee. It’s largely unchanged. It’s still as hard as ever. It was always colourful, so the difference isn't as noticeable. Are there more options in the Shop? I'm not sure.
Tant R & Bonanza Bros. I don’t know why they're bundled together. but they deserve each other. Bonanza Bros was never any good and still isn't. Tant R was new to me. It's a collection of party games, such as having to stop a car from racing off a cliff edge by hitting the brakes as late as possible.

Buyer's Guide:
Available from ebay and a number of skanky and sticky second hand shops. The US edition adds Alien Syndrome. I can't comment on it, thankfully.

1 Fantasy Zone frustration out of 5

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