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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (2011)

Genre: Action, Adventure | Players: 1 | Developers: Grezzo, Nintendo EAD Tokyo

To get it out of the way, I’m ecstatic to say that the two small issues I mentioned in my nut of the original game have been resoundingly rectified! It’ll be easiest to tackle everything new in a bullet-point fashion, so let’s go:

*Indicators on the world map tell you when you’ve cleaned out all of the Gold Skulltulas in each area.

*The ocarina is now appropriately afforded its own touch-screen button and you’re allowed to view the songs as you play them assuming you aren’t the type to obsessively memorize such things. In fact, the HUD for the ocarina on the bottom screen makes it far easier to see the patterns making up each song as you play them, thus making them easier to memorize than ever before! Yes, I do miss seeing the N64 buttons, but it wouldn’t make sense. I’ll just buy a Song of Storms shirt.

*The same soundbites are used, for good and ill. Don’t front, you’d be upset if Navi was changed.

*In terms of graphics, some things look astoundingly identical. Specifically, certain character models. Most things, however, are utterly gorgeous. A lot of love was put into the fishing hole, especially!

*One heart piece and several of the Big Poes were a bit glitchy, but because of the nature of Zelda I was able to simply vacate the area and try again.

*Both pairs of special boots are now classified as items, making equipping and removing them a lightning-fast process.

*This version does skew towards new players with some Sheikah stones giving advice without having to wear the Mask of Truth.

*The locations where you can change the water level in the Water Temple are now color-coded to denote which door leads to each and are emblazoned with washing machine-esque diagrams.

*I don’t mind the above addition because labeling tools doesn’t negate the work the player has to do. Those nails aren’t hammering themselves. Conversely, I am very annoyed that the trade quest is now mapped out step by step. The world is not large enough, at least in terms of NPCs, to justify this.

* You can hold L1 to center the camera and use the gyroscope to peer around w/o having to use the look button. It’s usually exactly as much as you need to get a glimpse above you. Incredibly useful!

*You can sleep in your bed and retry bosses from there, “in the realm of dreams.”

*A version of the Master Quest is included, which unlocks upon completing the regular quest. Please look elsewhere for detailed coverage. Perhaps here, in the future.

In the current gaming climate, I’m willing to spot a company as meticulous as Nintendo two glitches that were not damning in any way. Further, as annoyed as I am with them for hand-holding new players during the most iconic side-quest, I cannot deny that this is the definitive version of this game and that it deserves a full,

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