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Saturday, April 20, 2013

SHIFT extended (2010)

Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Developer: Zallag

This hidden gem is one of the ‘minis’ available from that desolate section of PSN that no one ever goes to because of Sony’s ridiculous pricing.

Playing the game is simple. Describing it will be less so. You play as a Test Subject in what is essentially a rat in a maze scenario. Mr Test Subject is a silhouette of a man in a black and white world. You’re either a black man on a white background, or a white man on a black background. When you’re black you can interact with the black obstacles that exist as part of the black environment. Conversely, when you’re white you can interact with white obstacles of the white environment.

You’re able to ‘SHIFT’ the word 180° on an axis, changing which of the two colours you can interact with. Imagine there’s a large box blocking your way that's much too high to jump. If you flip the environment, the ground becomes the ceiling and the box becomes a large hole that you can now skip over. You’ll need to initiate that ‘SHIFT’ in environment multiple times to progress to the exit in each stage. If you go to YouTube you’ll see it in action and it’ll absolutely make a hell of a lot more sense than I'm doing right now.

It gets progressively harder, adding spikes (ie. Death), floating platforms, gate triggers, etc, all of which force you to use your brain a little more each time.

There are 120 levels to test you. If you die at any point you get put back at the start of that same level, which can be frustrating,  but they’re so short that it’s not a major problem. It can be played on both PS3 and PSP.

Buyer's Guide:
PSN only.

4 racist jokes waiting to happen out of 5

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