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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mega Man Powered Up (2006)

Genre: Platformer | Players: 1 | Developer: Capcom

Mega Man Powered Up does exactly what any good remake should. It graphically updates the original game AND reimagines it. In the Old Style mode, the game is as difficult as it ever was, while tweaking the few small problems it had and fixing several instances of brokenness that were actually in your favor. In the New Style mode, the game is fleshed out with the addition of two new robot masters (bringing the total up to the standard 8), a collection system, a level editor, and the ability to play as the robot masters if you are able to beat them on Hard, buster only.

Time Man and Oil Man debut here to mostly great effect. Time Man is able to slow time (a fitting precursor to the ability to stop time completely later in the series) and Oil Man stylishly surfs on puddles of oil to cut through Mega Man and other enemies. Using the robot masters’ unique abilities and Mega Man’s unlockable slide and charge shot, you can collect item packs to use in the level editor. Even if you have no Little Big Planet-esque inclination to create levels and share them over PSN (like me), collecting these packs still stands as an enjoyable MetroidVania challenge worth tackling.

Playing as the robot masters for the very most part is an absolute blast, as they have enhanced abilities in addition to the ones they bestow on Mega Man. The only irksome member of the team is Oil Man, as he can only fire one shot of oil at a time. If you consistently hit enemies you can fire in rapid sucession. If not, you have to jump on the drop and slide on it, or wait for it to disappear before you can attack again. I’m all for challenge, but this feels like complete neutering if you aren’t a crack shot. I’m not one to deduct in any major way for elements of a game that are purely bonus-like in nature, however, and Powered Up goes out of its way to take all the right steps, otherwise.

What’s that? There’s an elephant in the room? Look, if you honestly have a problem with the cutesy, chibi-fied personalities given to all the characters, so be it. Just know that you are missing out on a fantastic game over a trivial aversion.

Buyer’s Guide:
Unfortunately this is a PSP exclusive. However, as it is available packaged with its fellow, stellar remake Maverick Hunter X, Mega Man fans who enjoy both series should snap it up as Powered Up has a staggering amount of replayability and even more unlockables than mentioned here.

4½ “Shut up, Roll”s out of 5

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