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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silent Hill 3 (2003)

Genre: Survival-Horror / Action | Players: 1
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

For a game that presents practically nothing different in terms of gameplay and design from its immediate predecessor, Silent Hill 3 sure accomplishes a lot. It manages to adeptly continue the narrative thread running through the original game, while also wrapping the second game into the fabric of the franchise through its joke, UFO ending. Verily, it proves that the characters of the franchise are not only loosely strung together in terms of emotional resonance, but that they can also be laughed at and adored in spite of their gravity.

Heather takes the promise shown by her father’s prowess with a katana and parlays it into becoming the first entirely effective melee combatant of the series. That isn’t to say she is lacking in the firepower department, however. Indeed, a good balance of special weapons are on display here for those who only want to complete the game, and for those seeking to unlock its full, glorious arsenal. Weapons aren’t the only unlockables, though. A robust wardrobe is at Heather’s disposal, as designed by numerous gaming publications and Konami itself. One of the required codes is available in the game, and you can unlock certain others, but a trip to the interwebs is required to properly fill out her closet.

The standard course of logic and environmental puzzles will lead you to disturbing, creepsome, and bizarre set pieces as well as the best nightmare transistions of the entire series. A staggering amount of care was put into the selection and execution of the environments that house these and ferry Heather along her path. While easy to take for granted, the voice acting conveys with subtle nuance just how simultaneously meek, strong, and human all of the characters can be. Appropriately, 3 delivers on the promise and build-up of the original, while emphasizing character in a manner similar to 2. Even if the chassis is the same, what’s under the hood is entirely unique and demands a play from anyone who claims to be a Silent Hill fan.

Buyer’s Guide:
Available on PS2, PC, and PS3 as part of the Silent Hill HD Collection. This version, however, includes new voices without the option to use the originals, unlike 2, which is part of the same collection. There exists a PS2 release which packages in the OST, as well. It includes everything from the stand-alone release, save the 3 Voices Edit of Rain of Brass Petals. Definitely the version to grab if you find it in a used bin.

5 Stinking-Mouth Bitches out of 5

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