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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright — Rise From the Ashes (2005)

Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel | Players: 1 | Developer: Capcom

Rise From the Ashes exists canonically as the fifth trial of the first Ace Attorney game. It was added retroactively for the DS port, as it incorporates a number of touch-screen dependent elements centering around forensic investigation. This new feature is tightly tied to the debuting companion character, Ema Skye. In the game of archetypes that is Ace Attorney, Ema excels, as she manages to soar past simply being another Maya, even if that was the base intent. Her humor can be similar at times and she is working to prove her sister’s innocence. However, that specific similarity is a table that’s been resoundingly turned and her enthusiasm for her limited area of expertise is adorably infectious and starkly contrasts the gravity surrounding Maya’s gifts.

Ema goes on to appear in Apollo Justice’s game and this raises the most important question regarding this outing: When should you tackle it? I personally choose to play it after completing the Phoenix Arc, as a prequel to Apollo Justice. Ema exists as a perfect link between the two protagonists and arcs. Further, Rise From the Ashes delivers both subtle and blatant references to past cases and to ones yet to come within the Phoenix arc. If you want to appreciate them all, you’ll have to have seen the main thrust of Phoenix’s story to completion. Or, give this a second playthrough, once you have.

If you do wish to experience this case in proper chronological order, I would highly recommend taking a break after case 1-4, as this is equally as lengthy and you’ll be sitting through three long-winded trials in a row, if you drive straight on.

Outside of the new forensic activities (which are easy, but enjoyable) the gameplay, story-elements, and characters are exactly the same in terms of execution and quality compared to the game to which this trial is usually appended. It should be noted that this case saw an individual release as Wii Ware in both Japan and the US, thus justifying a stand-alone nut. Therefore, I’ll argue it’s worth your time regardless of HOW you choose to acquire it, or WHEN you choose to play it.

NOTE: This trial is NOT included in the Japanese PC release as that utilized the original GBA assets.

4 Treacherous Swimming Lessons out of 5

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